Sleeping Beauty looks for accommodation in a château


Do you know what has become of Sleeping Beauty, her Prince Charming and their many children?

Flashback: accommodated in a chateau for one hundred years, and woken by her Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty lived a happy life. Both very busy with their family load, they decided to treat themselves to a holiday in France. Looking back with nostalgia on her lengthy chateau accommodation, Sleeping Beauty wished to introduce her husband to the concept. She undertook the organisation of a romantic and authentic minibreak in French chateaus, and suggested it to him. Her Prince Charming however seemed more interested by some sports experience in the Alps. Sleeping Beauty did not like the idea of herself and her princess’s dress on a snowboard very much. Accommodation in a chateau would be a lot more appropriate for her pretty dresses. Therefore, she started looking for quality accommodation in a chateau. Charming as he was, the Prince would not oppose the wish of the princess to be accommodated in a chateau.

Where did Beauty and the Prince find their château accommodation?

Thanks to the Internet, which they could both now use perfectly, they found out about the tourism agency called Culture & Confiture, specialised in chateau accommodation.

The Prince however… became worried about falling asleep and… never waking!

Located in the Loire district, the agency Culture & Confiture’s services were not limited to chateau accommodation, as they included numerous activities around the themes of gastronomy, sports, wellness, cultural discovery, adventure, French art de vivre, and much more. They tasted wine and cheese, they baked petit-fours and cauldrons, they play-fought under the watchful eye of the master swordsman, they flew up into the sky and explored new sensations such as parachuting. The Princess’s dress was indeed a little ruffled, but looked totally the part at the ball!

As you will have understood, Beauty and the Prince had lots of fun and enjoyed their authentically French holiday to the full. Let me reassure you – the Prince slept a comfortable sleep in his four-poster bed, and the Princess, this time, fully enjoyed her chateau accommodation.

If you too, Princes and Princesses, would like to enjoy a similar experience, visit the website





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