C&C interviewed about all-inclusive holidays –

In need of an all-inclusive holiday?

According to the French ministry of tourism, 83 million tourists from all over the world visit France each year. What is more, the tendency is of increasing numbers. Our country is and remains the world’s most popular destination, with the two regions of Burgundy and Rhône-Alpes as some of the most frequent choices, because of their variety in landscapes, and therefore in activities.

This is why all-inclusive holidays are gaining in importance, because tourists wish for all-inclusive holidays!

What does an all-inclusive holiday consist in?

Other than the fact that visitors from other countries seek atypical, unordinary and authentic holidays, they also hope that travel agencies will offer all-inclusive holidays.

All-inclusive holidays first came about in the Dominican Republic, enabling each and every one of the holiday makers to fully enjoy their stay without having to worry about organisation, once on location. Taking the time to look for accommodation or a restaurant twice a day may prove to be quite stressful, possibly ruining a holiday in some cases when the result is not up to expected standards.

And this is why we offer all-inclusive holidays!

What has Culture & Confiture got to offer in terms of all-inclusive holidays?

Our travel agency offers all-inclusive travelling, because we wish every one of our holiday makers to feel as comfortable as they deserve to be. We will give the possibility for our holiday-makers to feel utterly free of all organisational obstacles linked to travelling.

For each one of our all-inclusive holidays, whether long or short, we organise transfers (from Lyon), accommodation (in a chateau), every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and of course all activities (excursions, cooking workshops or lessons, wine and cheese tastings, sports activities – cycling, hiking, walks, etc).

In our all-inclusive holidays, we also leave some free time for each to choose a favourite pastime.

As a general rule, people travelling with us can discover authentic France in an unusual way, by meeting dynamic French people who show, explain and share their skills and know-how.

Choosing an all-inclusive holiday is the best way to visit France, and especially the regions of Burgundy and Rhône-Alpes, in a relaxed manner.

For more information on all-inclusive holidays, visit our website:






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