Merry glossary


Culture & Confiture: In French both these words are feminine. Culture means culture & Confiture is jam or jelly, depending on where you are from. The link between the two is how much you spread… Because, as we say here, the less you have, the more you spread. And basically, even though we’ve got some, we want to spread! Are you still with me?

We are Genevieve Briennon & Sandrine Thompson, two pure locals from countryside France, and we love our region so much –on the border between Burgundy and Rhone-Alpes– that we simply had to show how beautiful it is to the rest of the world. But that’s not it, we love food and wine, we love having fun, the countryside and sports, so our many years spent in tourism have lead us to organise a different kind of holiday which includes all of this.


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